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About TezzleA team of skilled professionals. We always achieve our goals.

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    Acceleration programs

    We participate in several acceleration programs and innovation centers of universities and research institutes.

  2. 02
    Certified technological broker

    Tezzle has a status – certified technological broker of Russia in high-tech.

  3. 03

    We have already helped several projects to enter the China and Asia markets

  4. 04
    Selection system

    We have a system for selecting and testing technological startups

  5. 05
    Chinese partners

    For several years now we have been working with partners from China

  6. 06
    Research & Development

    We understand and are able to work with R&D processes for China and Asia

  7. 07
    Hackathons and Summits

    We are the organizers of high-tech hakathons and summits

  8. 08
    Manufacturing partners

    We have manufacturing, technoparks and research partners in China

Our partnersWe cooperate with many Russian universities, technoparks and private organizations

Tongji University
Tongji University
China Fortune Land Development
China Fortune Land Development
Dalian University of Technologies
Dalian University of Technologies
Hefei University of Technology
Hefei University of Technology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Greenland Holdings Corp
Greenland Holdings Corp

Talking aboutProject owners talk about Tezzle

We have been working together to promote our project to create and implement neural interfaces for a year already. The team are, first of all, excellent specialists, and secondly, pleasant, responsive people you want and can trust. Only with the Tezzle team we did get a previously unattainable level of advancement.
Nikolay Sviridov
CEO NeuroDive
The task was to check the Product Market Fit of our SaaS B2B service in China. It took almost 8 months for us to find the perfect partner, the Tezzle team. We quickly reached key partners, conducted more than 40 in-depth interviews with the target audience of "Product Owners" and built the first sales.
Sergey Korzin
With Tezzle, I spent a week on a working trip to Shanghai. I remember the effort and desire of our guys. Unlike many other companies, they didn’t just bring me to the table with a sign, but really were making a contact, represented my project and appointed meetings. Tezzle has room to grow, but I will definitely cooperate with them again.
Sergey Lonshakov
CЕО Airalab R&D
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Learning and analysing the projectsWe work with the best only


Full acquaintance with the team, project founders, leading experts (key employees)


We learn IP base, patents (if it have already been received), targeted use of technology and potential market interest


We perform an audit of the software code and hardware component, as well as the primary DueDilligence of the financial component of the project (BDDS, financial model, availability of investments, debts of the company and founders, possibility of participation in scam activities in the previous period or at the same time)


Next, we cut off weak and doubtful projects (yellow and red flags), and work with selected projects (green flag).

What you will getWe will prepare a range of opportunities for you, including only valuable products


Access to technologies

Access to ready-made, advanced technologies selected in 4-5 business categories for fast MTL to China

Order a Technology Search

The ability to order a search for new technology from the database of universities and technoparks

Potential projects

Wide range of other potential projects in selected business categories

Quality product

Qualified technologies that are certified and have a scientific base/patents

Order a R&D

Possibility to order R&D and testing on the basis of leading research institutes and universities