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NeuroDive Inc.

Headset for brain-machine communications and brain stimulation. Basics of using Neuro (Drug, Games and BP, Smart Home and IOT, education, Systems for monitoring the psycho-physical condition of corporations, Neuromarketing and behavioral economics)


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Nikolay Sviridov
Nikolay Sviridov
CEO NeuroDive
How did you start working with Tezzle Tech?
It all started with meeting. We met through Nikolai Fedorovskikh in a channel dedicated to attracting investment in Asia and developing crypto products there. At first everything was in the format of online communication, then the whole team came to study our product.

At the meeting, we came to the general opinion that it is necessary to finalize the “packaging,” we agreed that the Tezzle team would take the lead in the Asian market, and we would be responsible for the technical side. From that moment, a joint work began on presentation of the product in China.
How long did the preparation for the trip last?
Initially, we planned a trip a month before its implementation, and more active preparations began in two weeks. Two weeks is the very minimum with final product, etc. If certain improvements are required, the preparation process is stretched to 1 month.
What materials were prepared for entering the Chinese market?
From our part, we've prepared the technical part for the demonstration, I mean presentation of the neuro-interface and the operating the "machine" in order to be able to demonstrate the technology to the users (how it really works).

Packaging, presentations, contacts and connections were handled by the Tezzle team. They themselves found contacts, organized meetings and agreed on everything.
What was the principle of choosing places and organizations to visit?
By the principle of maximum, effective feedback from the meetings, of course. We expected to attract potential investors and target partners, including technoparks.

Tezzle worked in such key points as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and there they were directly looking for major market players interested in our niche. All meetings took place and went very well.
At what stages did the difficulties arise and what is it connected with?
The preparation process cannot be called simple, but we didn't encounter any insurmountable difficulties. The only obstacle was the difference in mentality. When dealing with Europeans, you understand how they think, and with the Chinese it's much more complicated. They also mostly don't know English.

It's worth noting the intensity of the schedule, you need to be ready for frequent changes of the situation, etc.
What stages would you highlight?
The first and most important stage is to decide on a trip and meet with the first representatives of the companies. Second, move from the friendship stage and negotiations to the real transactions stage.
What meetings were key in your trip?
To do some sort of sampling according by the principle: these meetings were good, and these were not, I cannot. Due to the fact that people and companies were correctly and competently selected for meetings - none of them seemed less important.
What is most memorable?
Most of all I remember the hospitality of this country and people.