Tezzle’s main strategy in promotion projects in the Chinese market is to build effective interaction between the developers of innovative technologies and financial and product markets, with the help of many of our resources and experience.

After all, these factors work with China is becoming the main problem of projects wishing to enter the Chinese market. And the solution of this problem for many projects is difficult and takes more resources and time.


“Our goal is to promote innovative projects, technologies and companies in the Chinese market. We have been successfully engaged in this for a long time and managed to acquire many experts and reliable partners in the Chinese market.

We develop our project and always welcome new partners and investors who will help us in carrying out our tasks. The more our company becomes, the more we approach the fulfillment of our global goal - the creation of an international platform for the development of future technologies "

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ActivityOur working trips to China

StoryTezzle - the path to success


Tezzle provides international technology transfer between a number of countries in Europe and Asia. The largest flow of assets occurs between Russia and China. The company was founded by Alexander Lisyuk and Nikolai Perkov. Before the creation of the company, the founders had extensive experience in the IT industry and launched several successful projects, including Bazzila, UpMall and True Donate. The last of which was an ICO project. Later, Events Mania was formed to organize solutions development activities (hakatons) and attract investments.

Next step Crypto Asia

In May 2018, Crypto Asia (Tezzle's subsidiary project) conducted the Road Show, in which projects presented their product to Chinese partners and the trip brought considerable success. In August 2018, as part of the presentation of the Basis Neuro project, Tezzle signed an agreement with CITTC - the State China Center for Technology Transfer in Beijing, which has more than 176 offices throughout China.

In parallel, our company began to search for technologies for the Chinese market, orders came from partners. At the moment, the list includes more than 50 partners in different cities of China. In the fall of 2018, Tezzle took part in the 3rd International Economic and Trade Exhibition in Tongxiang, Taican, Shanghai, Wuzhen.

Partnership programs

Among our partners there are both state institutions, and venture funds, and large companies monopolists in the Chinese market. In this regard, it was decided to establish Tezzle Technology Transfer, which specializes in projects based on R&D (proven technology). These are such niches as: AI, BioMed, MedTech, BD, ML, Green Energy. At the moment, work is underway to register the accelerator and foundation within Tezzle for projects at the Seed stage. We always welcome new partners for joint development and growth.