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Deskle.com is a visual online collaboration platform for distributed teams.


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Sergey Korzin
Sergey Korzin
CEO Deskle.com
Tell us about your project in a few words?
We created a collaboration platform for distributed teams.
Where are you located?
The servers of our platform are in the USA, the main customers are the English-speaking market, Europe, USA.
What stage the project at?
At the moment, we've carried out early sales. Among large corporate clients, we already have several companies in the United States, and a university of technology in the state of Georgia.
How much have your company has been valued?
Now the company's valuation is 1.7 million dollars.
What are your main goals?
Now sales are our main goal for now.
What market did you focus on before traveling to China?
First of all, we focused on the English-speaking market, Europe and the USA. We don't have Russian language support.
Why did you decide to enter the Chinese market?
The main reason was that in the Chinese market, our product has no competitors. China is a large industrial complex, and our product offers unique solutions for companies producing various products.
What are your impressions of the first trip to China?
I discovered a completely new world, a new planet. In recent years, China has changed a lot. To understand it, you need to go there, you can't get it by photo.
What work has been done in cooperation with Tezzle?
To begin with, thanks to Tezzle we ended up in China. A company representative was our guide, he organized meetings for us, and it was only thanks to him that we were able to meet the people we needed. In addition, Tezzle helped us to take part in the conference, where we signed a memorandum for placement in the Chinese Technopark.
What value did you get?
Before the trip to China, we already had an exit strategy for this market, but the trip dotted the “i” and helped to identify key concepts that need to be emphasized. And now we can more confidently understand how to build up early sales.
What are your plans for the next 3 months?
We've already started working with our Chinese partners. At the moment we are creating a working case that we'll scale up.
3 tips for companies that want to enter the Chinese market?
Visit China, pass through yourself and see the full potential with your own eyes

Don't waste time, China opens the door to those who take steps to meet.

It is necessary to expand the boundaries, and China is a very promising country. And the sooner the company gets to know China, the sooner it will understand that there are no other such countries providing such prospects.